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Up The Arts: Stuck Indoors - West End Wilma's Ed Baker on how to keep entertained on Covid-19 lockdown!

Well we're surprisingly busy considering we're locked inside at the moment! Today, Tom's been chatting to Ed Baker, the man behind the hit entertainment site West End Wilma, about what's still going on and some of the incredible shows (free and paid) that are being streamed to support artists and culture fans during the lockdown.From their website: West End Wilma is the mother/son blogging venture that has been taking over London’s theatre scene since 2012, interviewing stars of the stage and reviewing all the latest productions.Originally under the pseudonym of an old lady called ‘Wilma’, creator Ed Baker along with his mother, created the persona of an old lady who loves running around the West End having tea with all the stars and attending glitzy press nights. Ed’s mum became the face of West End Wilma but in January 2017, on the blog’s fifth anniversary, Ed decided it was time to come clean to the world that he was the man behind it all.Ed and his mum are now running around the West End together as partners in crime, as the mother/son venture that makes up West End Wilma.You can also find West End Wilma on Twitter: https://twitter.com/westendwilmaWelcome to Up The Arts: Stuck Indoors, a currently somewhat more than weekly podcast for those proud to be be involved in theatre, music, art and literature in the LGBTQ+ world! Every Thursday (and currently sometimes Friday and Monday whilst we're stuck indoors) we meet incredible people from the arts world and explore their creativity and inspiration, as well as providing a peek at upcoming events in which pride and the arts world collide!Find us on Twitter: @uptheartsshowAnd check out our website for news, reviews, what's on and more: www.uptheartspodcast.com

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