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Up The Arts: Playwright Tom Wright and the King's Head Theatre's Oscar French

In the pilot episode of Up The Arts, we meet Oscar French, Creative Director of the King's Head Theatre in North London, and playwright Tom Wright, writer of Undetectable, which is beginning a second run at the theatre.We discuss the role the King's Head has played for 50 years in the LGBQT+ arts scene, championing plays which tell an incredible range of important stories - including Undetectable, a play which highlights important conversations around HIV in the 21st Century.Welcome to Up The Arts, a weekly podcast for those proud to be be involved in theatre, music, art and literature in the LGBTQ+ world! Every Thursday, we meet incredible people from the arts world and explore their creativity and inspiration, as well as providing a peek at upcoming events in which pride and the arts world collide!Find us on Twitter: @uptheartsshowAnd check out our website for news, reviews, what's on and more: www.uptheartspodcast.com  

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