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How Psychology Intertwines With Copy To Help You Get More Conversions

The intersection of psychology and words absolutely fascinates me. In this episode, I dive into why it's important we do fuse psychology with our marketing and copy, and 3 ways that understanding human behaviour and how your audience approaches buying decisions can help you better your conversions. In this episode, I talk about 2 things: our signature copywriting program Wordfetti Your Words, which opens later this month. Join the waitlist here I also speak about the 3-day live masterclass series we're running to help you write better copy. 2 x 60-minute masterclasses, 1 x live QA with me, and a pop-up Facebook Group to hang and network with like-minded folk. You ain't gonna wanna miss it. Join us now on early bird, for only $49 - but hurry, prices go up soon. ___ Follow me on IG: @anitasiek Follow Wordfetti on IG: @wordfetti  

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