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How to Structure the Pages for Your Website Project

So you're feeling like you need a rejig/refresh/rewrite for your website copy. Perhaps you're wanting to reach a new audience. Perhaps you're feeling like your old messaging and copy just simply doesn't land anymore. Or perhaps you're wanting to introduce a new offer and you're questioning how to exactly structure your website pages.   Whatever the reason, if you're about to embark on a website re-rewrite or refresh project then THIS EPISODE? is for you.   In it, I dive into the 3 must-ask questions to help you know how to structure your website pages, how knowing your customer's journey is going to help you create a website structure that's going to help with conversions, and the one test (and question) I always check in on before I hit "publish" on a new website. ___ Follow me on IG: @anitasiek Follow Wordfetti on IG: @wordfetti Get our 5 e-copy lessons:

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