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Must-avoid Mistakes for Online Course Sales Pages

As an online course creator myself, and with Wordfetti having helped countless online course creators sell their digital offers through our launch strategy, email sequences, copy, and sales pages, I know a thing or two both through practice and through my own launch learnings (via our own launches) about the yay's and nay's of long-form sales pages. In this episode, I dive into the 5 big no-no's and mistakes I see on sales pages, and go through how you can turn their missed opportunities into conversions. We are officially launching The Sales Page Formula (our proprietary long-form sales page framework) on the 29th of January on the Wordshop. Want to get first dibs and an exclusive goodie with it? Join our email list, and snag our 5 free e-lessons here while you wait: Follow me on @anitasiek and the team at @wordfetti!

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