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How I Batched 30 Videos in 2 Hours and BTS of Our Video Marketing Strategy in 2023

So I've decided we're going to test and play in the world of video marketing in 2023. And we've kickstarted the journey with some planning on this side of the year. In this episode, I dive into what I did recently to batch record 30 videos, why words still matter in the video, how I did the planning of it, and the 3 types of videos I'm going to test especially in the realm of Reels and TikTok. I invite you to follow me on @anitasiek and us at @wordfetti as well as my TikTok account @anitasiek to check out the experiment I'm gonna start runnin' as we test more with video! Want 5 e-lessons to uplevel your copy game? Grab it here:

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