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SWCIC: What Are The Starlight Stories? Finishing Phase 1 Of The High Republic (Star Wars Insider) – Ep 113

5 SHORT STORIES SPANNING PHASE 1 OF THE HIGH REPUBLIC! This week brings the final piece of High Republic content for Phase 1 - Starlight Stories; which are all set around non-Jedi characters on Starlight Beacon between Light Of The Jedi and The Fallen Star. Mike gives a brief overview of the High Republic & its first phase, before delving into the stories themselves; Go Together by Charles Soule which serves as a prologue and epilogue to Light Of The Jedi, while First Duty & Past Mistakes by Cavan Scott and Hidden Danger & Shadows Remain by Justina Ireland centre around Velko Jahen & Ghal Tarpfen; two security officers of Starlight Beacon as the looming threat of the Nihil unfolds… Mike has tackled every piece of the High Republic content on this show! For the HR comics, check episodes 84, 86, 87, 88, 90, 92, 93, 94 96, 98 & 99. For the 9 book reviews, check Light Of The Jedi (March 2021), A Test Of Courage (August ‘21) & Into The Dark (October ‘21), and The Rising Storm (November ‘21), Race To Crashpoint Tower (February ‘22) & Out Of The Shadows (March ’22), as well as The Fallen Star (April ’22), Mission To Disaster (July ’22) & Midnight Horizon (November ’22). Mike spoke with fellow High Republic architect Cavan Scott in April 2022 which can be found on this very feed or on YouTube, which has their conversation with video! Make sure you tune into the weekly Andor discussion show found on the podcast feed of Comics In Motion or check for video versions! Last week, Mike provided his book review for Midnight Horizon, but in the week prior for ep 112, Mike delved into the final 5 “Vader’s Castle” horror stories; Ghosts Of Vader’s Castle, each story shows familiar faces from the original & prequel eras along with plenty of references, shocks and even a surprise appearance or two! This is a must-listen for any horror fans, or those wanting to hear the finale of Lina Graf’s entanglement with the iconic Sith Lord & his Fortress on Mustafar! To hear Mike’s exclusive canon book review on A New Dawn, plus the Legends books Shatterpoint, Darth Bane (1 & 2) and Darth Plagueis as well as the movie & TV “Afterthoughts” episodes, support the show at Subscribe to Mike’s YouTube channel to see video versions of his conversations, discussion with Star Wars creators, playlists filled with episodes of GCC & SWCIC and more: Guest spots Mike has been involved in: Mike appeared on Frank Burton’s I Like The Sound Podcast here: Mike went on Ike’s Flame podcast to talk about The High Republic here: Find Mike @GenuineChitChat on Twitter, @Genuine_ChitChat on Instagram & /GenuineChitChat on Facebook! Outro read by BZ The Voice: Intro theme arranged by Mike Burton, backing music by Eric Matyas at Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 00:51 Starlight Stories & THR Overview 05:27 Blurb & Publisher’s Synopsis 06:48 Recommended Reading 8:01 Go Together 17:05 First Duty 26:15 Hidden Danger 32:11 Past Mistakes 36:14 Shadows Remain 44:23 Final Thoughts 45:08 Andor Show Info 45:51 Other Episodes 47:10 Coming Up 51:33 Support 53:19 Outro --- Send in a voice message:

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