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A Dummies Guide to Geekdom: Introduction and Canon v Lore

Welcome to 'A Dummies Guide to Geekdom' the show that tries to bring everyone up to speed on the geek culture world. We kick off the new show with a brief introduction of what you can expect in the future, taking the lessons of Superheroes for Dummies, reducing them and enhancing the flavours! You can expect short, bite-size lessons taking you from zero to hero in no time. We'll have you covered for anything comic book-related here on Comics in Motion. Not only that but if you would like to expand your knowledge in movies, tv shows, video games and so much more, head to our website to get the lowdown on where you can find our expanded offerings into everything geek culture related! To bring us in gently, in this episode we also look to answer a few foundational questions: What is canon, what is lore and what on earth Is the difference? If you'd like more information or have any questions, contact the show at --- Send in a voice message:

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