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Star Wars: Comics In Canon - Ep 98: Original Star Wars Manga; The Edge Of Balance (Volume 1)

THE FIRST ORIGINAL STAR WARS MANGA, SET IN THE HIGH REPUBLIC! In ep 98 of SWCIC, Mike embarks on the first volume of Edge Of Balance; the first canon Star Wars manga (that isn’t an adaptation of other media)! This volume introduces us to Jedi Knight Lily Tora-Asi, her old Wookiee master; Arkoff, two excitable younglings and Lily’s padawan Keerin! These jedi must face adapting to settling on a new world, but a mysterious force is causing disruption on Banchii – is it Nihil? Drengir? Or something else entirely? Listen to find out about this, the connections this manga has to the rest of The High Republic, additional information on Togrutas & Imroosians and much more! Edge Of Balance Volume 1 was released September 7th 2021, it was written by Shima Shinya & Justina Ireland with artwork by Mizuki Sakakibara. The bonus chapter; The Banchiians was solely written by Shima Shinyu with storyboarding by Mizuki Sakakibara and artwork by Nezu Usugumo. Mike tackled all three volumes of High Republic Adventures comics in episodes 86, 90 & 93 of SWCIC, all High Republic comics (by Cavan Scott) in episodes 84, 88 & ep 92, and The Eye Of The Storm comics in ep 94. Mike’s High Republic book reviews are found on Comics In Motion’s feed and on Mike’s YouTube: Light Of The Jedi was released March 13th 2021, A Test Of Courage: August 14th 2021, Into The Dark: October 2nd 2021, The Rising Storm: November 13th 2021, Race To Crashpoint Tower: February 5th 2022 and Out Of The Shadows was released 19th March 2022. The Fallen Star review was released 23rd April 2022 and the last two books; Mission To Disaster & Midnight Horizon will be reviewed soon. Mike & members of CiM are doing a weekly Obi-Wan Kenobi discussion show, each discussion being released a day or two after the episodes drop so make sure you check those out on CiM’s feed or on Mike’s YouTube channel! Last week, in ep 97, Mike delved into the four comics set after War Of The Bounty Hunters, just before the Crimson Reign crossover event starts, where Beilert Valance is reconstructed by Vader, Luke travels to numerous Jedi-related planets, Vader locates Crimson Dawn agents within the Empire and Aphra searches for ancient artifacts with Sana Starros! Mike also provides info on Burnin Konn, Ilum, Lothal and other planets Luke travels to! Mike appeared on Indie Comics Spotlight, discussing Cavan Scott’s Shadow Service with Tony, listen on the feed of Comics In Motion! To listen to one of Mike’s Patreon episodes for free, check out the first in Mike & Megan’s Tom Hanks rewatch here: To hear Mike’s exclusive canon book reviews on Last Shot, Dark Disciple & A New Dawn, plus the Legends books Shatterpoint, Darth Bane & Darth Plagueis as well as the movie & TV “Afterthoughts” episodes, support the show at Please subscribe to Mike’s YouTube channel to see video versions of his conversations, playlists filled with episode of GCC & SWCIC and more: Mike returned to Star Wars Timeline to talk about Villains in each of the SW trilogies here: - they also discuss accents in the Star Wars universe; the original trilogy here: & the prequel trilogy here: Outro read by BZ The Voice: Intro theme arranged by Mike Burton, backing music by Eric Matyas at --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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