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Sarah Tuttle ~ Professor, Instrumental Astrophysicist and Maker of Mischief

Today's conversation is with Sarah Tuttle. Sarah teaches introductory astronomy and observational astrophysics at the University of Washington. You’ll hear how and why I was so eager to chat with Sarah at the beginning of our conversation. And then as you hear her talk about not only her work but about her activism, you’ll understand why she is such a great fit for the podcast. In this conversation, we talk about how she got into astronomy, which she describes as a pretty circuitous route. And I think one of the key takeaways from this episode is that sometimes the path to our passion is not always direct. We also talk a lot about her social activism and her goal to bring more diversity into the field of astronomy. I’ll tell ya, she really left me thinking a lot about how I can make this world a better, more inclusive place. With that, please enjoy this conversation, with Sarah Tuttle. ***** Have a burning question and want to be featured on a future episode? Call 877-280-5170 and leave a message or email me here. ***** Connect with Sarah Twitter ***** Links/books/people mentioned Neil deGrass Tyson Astophysics for People in a Hurray by Neil deGrass Tyson (Amazon) Goldendale Observatory Sloan Digital Sky Survey Kitt Peak National Observatory McDonald Observatory Lick Observatory Alma Observatory Americorps Vista Avodah LIGO Geoffrey Marcy Sarah's Medium Articles Connect with me: PATREON! (join our growing community!) Facebook Instagram WanderTours Be Bold Facebook Group (women-only) Twitter Enjoyed this episode? Subscribe then tell a friend! Be Bold, Beth  

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