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Q&A - Dealing With Travel During a Pandemic (Part 2)

Enjoy these uplifting and positive conversations? Support the podcast through Patreon and get access to special audio and written content, be part of a private Facebook group (ladies only) and enjoy other benefits only for supporters of the podcast! ***** As you may know, over these past couple of months, the podcast has taken a bit of departure from my usual long-form, in-person conversations with guests. Instead, I’ve been addressing different aspects of dealing with this pandemic and recording (remotely) episodes that are a bit shorter. If you go back, you can hear how to be happy during a pandemic, how to stay fit, how to journal, how to boost your immune system. All sorts of useful info to help you get through this trying time. This week is yet another slight departure. You’ll recall that a few weeks ago I shared a Q&A about travel that was recorded with “my” tour people via Zoom. I invited past and future WanderTours participants to join me so that I could answer their questions about travel. Well, I had a second call with my tour people on May 5 and I wanted to share that conversation here as well. In this Q&A session, I start out by giving some behind the scenes info about how things work with WanderTours—and why the company is in such good financial health. We also talked about what might happen if a person were to get stuck at a destination, we talked about the best time to purchase travel insurance, and there was even a question about my races that I was to run this year (and how my approach to those is how we all might consider approaching our circumstances right now). Please enjoy this Q&A episode that is all about travel. ***** Have a burning question and want to be featured on a future episode? Call 877-280-5170 and leave a message or email me here.   Connect with me: PATREON! (join our growing community!) Facebook Instagram WanderTours Be Bold Facebook Group (women-only) Twitter Enjoyed this episode? Subscribe then tell a friend! Be Bold, Beth

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