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Dierdre Wolownick on Journaling During Difficult Times

Enjoy these uplifting and positive conversations? Support the podcast through Patreon and get access to special audio and written content, be part of a private Facebook group (ladies only) and enjoy other benefits only for supporters of the podcast! ***** Today’s guest is Dierdre Wolownick. You might remember Dierdre from episode #83. She is the author of The Sharp End of Life (as well as many other books), she’s the oldest woman to have climbed El Capitan (she happens to have a great teacher, her son Alex Honnold, to thank for that) and she’s a lifelong journaler. I’ve been journaling the majority of my life and, for me, it started nearly 30 years ago when I began traveling. I’ve documented all of these trips I’ve taken but I also journal even when I’m not traveling. And it’s been a wonderful way for me to get my thoughts down during this pandemic. Dierdre and I talk about how journaling can be an excellent way to get to get to know yourself and to help you get through difficult times, such as during a lockdown. But she also talks about how this simple tool can help with other parts of our lives—how there’s a crossover there—and she gives some great tips on how to get started. I hope this inspires you to set pen to paper and start to journal for the first time if you never have done so before or to recommit yourself to it if you’re not already doing it regularly. By the way, you can order a copy of Dierdre’s book, The Sharp End of Life, and get 25% off by going to and enter TIMETOREAD (all one word) as the promo code at checkout. With that, please enjoy this conversation with Dierdre Wolownick. ***** Have a burning question and want to be featured on a future episode? Call 877-280-5170 and leave a message or email me here. ***** Connect with Dierdre Website | Facebook Mentioned in this episode Dierdre on Episode #83 Artist's Way by Julia Cameron (Amazon) Connect with me: PATREON! (join our growing community!) Facebook Instagram WanderTours Be Bold Facebook Group (women-only) Twitter Enjoyed this episode? Subscribe then tell a friend! Be Bold, Beth

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