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Liz Grantham ~ CEO, Entrepreneur and Founder of TheOptimal.Me

Today’s guest is Liz Grantham. Liz is the founder of The Optimal Me, a fitness app created specifically for those over 50 and it focuses on getting people functionally fit with exercises that take just 15 minutes a day. Liz and I dive deep into the importance of movement as we age. And not just moving (like me, with running) but by doing exercises that help with every day movement--like lifting your luggage into the overhead bin of a flight. As Liz points out, 2.8 million people die each year from obesity. 2.8 million! But no one is talking about that (likely because it’s not contagious). But it’s for this very reason that she’s motivated to help people keep their mobility and stay healthy well into late life. While it wasn’t her intention to create an app that would keep us in shape during a pandemic, the timing of this is quite good as we should all be staying active and functional and staying happy and fit so that when we get out of this, we’re in the same or better shape than when this whole thing started. I think you’ll really enjoy this conversation (not least of all because of her very charming South African accent). With that, please enjoy this conversation with Liz Grantham. ***** Have a burning question and want to be featured on a future episode? Call 877-280-5170 and leave a message or email me here. ***** Connect with Liz Website | Blog Mentioned in this episode Atomic Habits by James Clear (Amazon) Oura Ring   Connect with me: PATREON! (join our growing community!) Facebook Instagram WanderTours Be Bold Facebook Group (women-only) Twitter Enjoyed this episode? Subscribe then tell a friend! Be Bold, Beth

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