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Kelly Lewis ~ Women's Travel Entrepreneur

Today's conversation is with Kelly Lewis. I was really psyched to have the chance to sit down with Kelly. I’ve known her for a long time from the travel world, I even spoke at her conference about seven years ago. But we never had an opportunity to just sit and talk at any length. She just recently moved to Portland and during a trip I made down there, we finally had a long-overdue chat. Kelly is the founder of Women’s Travel Fest. She’s also the author of a guidebook series called Go! Girl Guides and she runs Damesly, a women’s tour company. So as you can imagine, we have a lot of things in common. In this episode we talk about her growing up in Hawaii with little chance to travel off-island, her move to the mainland for college and then getting hooked on travel after she graduated, her years in NYC where she was determined to take it by storm (which she did) as she built her business and her most recent move to Portland (Oregon, that is). We also talk about how she came about building her businesses and why her move to Portland has been so great for her. We recorded this a few weeks ago and she does mention Women’s Travel Fest. I just want to clarify that , WTF is coming up on March 6 – 8 in New York City. So if you’re in New York or can get yourself there, there are still some tickets available for that wonderful event. I’ll link to it in the show notes but you can also just search online for Women’s Travel Fest. OK – with that, please enjoy this conversation with Kelly Lewis. ***** Have a burning question and want to be featured on a future episode? Call 877-280-5170 and leave a message or email me here. ***** Connect with Kelly Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter ***** Links/books/people mentioned Women's Travel Fest Go! Girl Guides Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (Amazon) Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (Amazon) Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard (Amazon) The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron (Amazon) Oneika Raymond Damesly Connect with me: PATREON! (join our growing community!) Facebook Instagram WanderTours Be Bold Facebook Group (women-only) Twitter Enjoyed this episode? Subscribe then tell a friend! Be Bold, Beth  

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