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Nibble Resistant Rants

A rant from Jess, the latest research about the Super Listeners Report 2021 and insight from Elsie on Shure headphones! Here's the scoop! Episode Length: 53:34 Jess was on a rant because someone called Isaac fat 😒. The discussion evolved into making healthy decisions; whether it’s changing your diet or becoming more active. One of our listeners suggested the podcast Maintenance Phase - “Debunking the junk science behind health fads, wellness scams and nonsensical nutrition advice”. Super Listeners of 2021 A study from Edison Research and Ad Results Media shows that Super Listeners - those who listen to 5 or more hours of podcasts weekly are: A crazy amount are white! They are incredibly committed to listening, most of them listen to 12+ hours a week! Most pay for other subscriptions (duh) Most feel that podcast advertising is the key way to reach them How Super Listeners FIND new podcasts? By searching on YouTube 49% believe that the hosts ACTUALLY USE the products that they are advertising 51% pay more attention to ads on podcasts! 53% look at companies in a more positive way when they advertise on podcasts Personalized discussions FTW! Click here for more. Elsie’s Tool Tips Elsie reviewed two pairs of Shure headphones: Shure Aonic 40 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Beautiful build, sturdy, feel high quality, paired seamlessly with iPad and iPhone, battery life is super!, noise cancelling was just ok Shure SRH 440A Professional Studio Headphones Very comfortable, light, solid build, long, detachable cord Shoutout to our Sponsors Get your own Link Tree! Use code SHEPODCASTS for three months free! [21:40] Become a podcast product manager! Check out My Podcast Biz.

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