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371 Podcasts and YouTube? Yes? No?

Special guest host Aracely Rivera, dual language podcasts, is YouTube taking over podcasting, podcasts are coming to Twitter and more! Special guest host Aracely Rivera joins Elsie. Go to viapodcast@fm for her newsletter. Elsie and Aracely are both using the Shure MV88 microphone and love it! NPR and Futuro Studios partner on upcoming dual-language podcast YouTube is Taking Over Podcasting - listen to Bandrew Scott as he discusses the roll out of Youtube's new Podcasting section of their site, what we can learn from it, and how YouTube is the biggest podcast consumption platform out there. Is there confusion about the term “podcast”? Listen Up: Podcasts are coming to Twitter The Multilingual Podcasters Meetup is happening on Sept 15 from 6:00 - 8:00pm. Sign up here. She Podcasts LIVE 2022 Moved To Spring We are collaborating with Marco Arment from Overcast . He has committed to continuing to feature podcasts led by people of marginalized genders. And we are thrilled. All women and non-binary folks please fill out this SUPER EASY FORM! DO IT NOW. She Podcasts thanks our Sponsors! → My Podcast Biz WAY TO CONNECT! Elsie (and occasionally Jess) will be texting you directly! - Sign up here! 302–240–3425, text yes or Send us your feedback, email! We can’t wait to hear from you! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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