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407 Chicken Pox, Jewish Holidays and Birthdays

Where have J&E been?, She Owns software, The Feed is an award winner, YouTube podcasting and more! Where have Jess & Elsie been?! 🔎 She Owns - The Complete Business Management Solution for Women Entrepreneurs Elsie’s podcast The Feed is an award-winning podcast! 🎉 They won a bronze Signal award in the “How To” category. There’s been a lot of talk lately about video and YouTube podcasting. Do you need to do video? Why does YouTube need to have a separate category for podcast? J&E discuss the dreaded M word - Menopause! Links Mentioned in This Episode She Owns Here’s Where to Find Us: Tik Tok Pinterest Twitter Facebook (Group) Facebook (Page) LinkedIn If you haven’t done it already, join the She Podcasts Facebook group! Did you know we have a membership? Click here to check it out. Send us your feedback, email! We can’t wait to hear from you! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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