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389 Shecession and AI Tools

J&E were on a fun panel at IndyPod Summit, Africa Podcast Festival was last week, are we in the middle of a “she-cession”?, Elsie’s new show Fuzzy Lawgic and more! Shout out to Headliner! They created an audiogram from our last episode! Jess and Elsie were on a panel at the (virtual) IndyPod Summit and had a great time! Keep an eye out for the IndyPod Census results which should be released in March. Africa Podcast Festival, an annual international podcasting festival happened on February 12 - Africa Podcast Day. The festival brought together leading podcasters and podcasting innovators in spaces in which to share personal lived experiences, industry inside scoops, and best practices - all of which they envision will grow the podcasting ecosystem in Africa. E&J discuss Wired’s The Workforce Is Failing Women. Business Leaders Can Stop It. Are we in the middle of a “she-cession”? Elsie has a new show! Fuzzy Lawgic is a limited series podcast and discusses the legal, ethical, and social implications of the hottest topics in the industry. Her co-host is Gordon Firemark, the Podcast Lawyer and the show is produced by NumoSpect Media. This show delves into the gray areas and helps creators understand their rights, responsibilities and the impact of their creations on society. The first episode is all about AI and will premiere on Friday, February 17 at 11am ET on YouTube. She Podcasts LIVE! (June 19 - 23, 2023) tickets are on sale! We’ve added a few different ticket options and you can also reserve your hotel room. Check it out here! She Podcasts and KaSa Media are excited to announce a new awards program - The Sonic Bloom Awards! Our goal is to recognize incredible podcasting projects created and hosted by underrepresented voices across the globe. We’re going to celebrate independent creators who have shown innovation, creativity and progress. Awards will be given out at an award ceremony during She Podcasts LIVE!, on June 21 in the evening. Tell us about yourselves! We've partnered with Jeremy Enns from the Podcast Marketing Academy to gather some important information about what’s working in podcast marketing! You know you wanna know what’s working and what’s not! Could you take a few mins to fill it out? You can help us all grow together! We are collaborating with Marco Arment from Overcast . He has committed to continuing to feature podcasts led by people of marginalized genders. And we are thrilled. All women and non-binary folks please fill out this SUPER EASY FORM! DO IT NOW. She Podcasts thanks our Sponsors! → My Podcast Biz Here’s where to find us: Tik Tok Pinterest Twitter Facebook (Group) Facebook (Page) LinkedIn If you haven’t done it already, join the She Podcasts Facebook group! Did you know we have a membership? Click here to check it out. Send us your feedback, email! We can’t wait to hear from you! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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