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RSG247: Renting E-bikes to delivery drivers with Whizz CEO Mike Peregudov

In this episode Harry speaks with Mike Peregudov. Mike Peregudov is the co-founder and CEO of Whizz, a NYC-based e bike rental service for delivery drivers. He's also a General Partner at, investing in values driven founders. Mike previously co-founded and led Partiya Edi, acquired by Yandex in 2020. His extensive experience includes top-tier positions in various industries.   0:00 Intro 2:11 How was the idea for Whizz discovered? 4:20 How does Whizz work? 6:25 What kinds of problems do ebikes have? 7:57 Are riders interested in high quality bikes? 10:51 What's it like to rent a bike from Whizz? 12:48 What makes the New York market unique? 14:42 How much does it cost to rent a Whizz bike? 16:20 How do you pick up a bike? 17:23 Where do you store the bike at night? 18:49 What stops someone from stealing the bike? 20:11 What is unique about the new bike models? 25:12 Is it safe to deliver by bike in NYC? 28:03 What is one way to make biking safer in NYC? 30:53 What is the plan for Whizz's partnership with DoorDash? 33:06 Why do delivery apps want to partner with vehicle providers? 35:10 Where can you learn more about Whizz? Mike's Linkedin: Whizz Website: Get 30% off using this link!

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