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RSG252: Interview with Lyft CEO David Risher on New Driver Benefits

In this episode Harry speaks with David Risher. David is the CEO of Lyft. David is on to talk about the slew of new driver benefits that were announced in the early 2024 driver release. Some of the new announcements are drivers earn 70% of rider fares after fees, guaranteed, See where every dollar of riders’ fares go, Earn more for waiting during scheduled rides, Find more ways to choose rides at the airport, Access new earning and navigation opportunities for EVs, Appeal deactivations easily in the Lyft app 0:00 Intros 1:53 What did Lyft improve? 3:08 What did Lyft change for fees? 14:05 How can drivers trust Lyft's transparency on fees? 17:01 What did Lyft change for deactivations? 23:10 How is Lyft addressing the problem with scheduled rides? 24:35 Why should you use Lyft's maps? 28:50 How much does David think drivers should make David's X(Twitter): David's Linkedin

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