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RSG251: How Vugo is Helping Fleet Owners Earn More With In Car Advertising

In this episode Harry speaks with Rob Flessner. Rob is the founder of Vugo, an Al-Powered Mobility Media® Platform that places media and advertisements on digital displays in vehicles to create interactive and engaging passenger experiences. Before that he co-founded which was later acquired. 0:00 Intro 2:25 What is the biggest change with Vugo over the past few years? 4:55 Why did Vugo shift to an embedded system? 7:10 What does Rob think about the competition? 9:40 What does Rob think of outside-of-car ads? 14:55 What is a fleet owner? 16:44 What do fleet owners gain? 17:57 How much can you earn? 21:25 How will AV impact Vugo? 23:05 What are Vugo's recent partnerships? 25:08 Where can you learn more?   Rob's Linkedin: Rob's Twitter:

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