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RSG248: Pay All Your Vehicle Expenses With One App - Autority With CEO Juan Proaño

In this episode Harry speaks with Juan Proaño. Juan Proaño is the CEO and co-founder of His diverse background from both the technology and automotive sectors helped him launch the Autority platform, which helps car owners in Latin America to manage their vehicle payments in one place. 0:00 Intro 1:33 How did Juan get the idea for Autority? 6:11 What makes Ecuador a unique place to operate in? 8:27 Where is Juan finding customers and partners? 13:25 What are the top selling products for Autority? 19:30 How does Autority make money? 20:30 What is the future of Autority? 24:35 Are Uber drivers using Autority? 28:15 How would Autority work in the US? 32:31 Where can you find Juan? Autority: Juans' Linkedin: 37335851/?originalSubdomain=ec

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