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RSG246: Discover Daytrip: Rideshare Meets Tour Guides/Tourism

In this episode Harry speaks with Tomáš Turek. Tomáš Turek is the CEO of Daytrip. Daytrip is a travel platform connecting travelers with local drivers and guides in 7,800+ cities worldwide. With a background in computer science and a degree in environmental management, Tomáš is a driving force in redefining travel experiences 0:00 Intro 1:37 What is Daytrip? 2:59 What is the most popular Daytrip? 3:56 How does Daytrip work? 6:17 Who are the drivers that use Daytrip? 8:16 How do they ensure quality drivers? 9:41 What is the experience for a driver? 14:04 How is Daytrip's US operation going? 15:53 How has Daytrip done so far in California? 18.24 What are some good use cases for Daytrip? 19:20 How does Daytrip compare in Europe vs US? 21.56 What are the benefits of one city vs between cities for Daytrip? 24:44 Has Daytrip tried working with cities? 26:56 What are some potential partnership opportunities? 28.51 How can you learn more about Daytrip? Tomáš' Linkedin: Daytrip Website:

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