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TFJ Season 2 Episode 28 From the Partition Plan to the Inevitable War to Establish a Jewish State on its Ancestral Land

The Partition Plan of November 1947 has a glaring error insofar as that it never occurred; and there never was a partition between a Jewish and an Arab country. The significance of the Partition Plan was that it delineated a point from which both sides could begin their struggle. For the Zionists it was never more than a starting point as no one believed that it was the ending point for the map according to the Partition Plan was unrealistic and absurd. From the Arab position the Partition Plan was not even a starting point, but rather a non-starter. The Arabs had pledged that they would rid the land from the Jews, and the chiefs of staff of the Arab neighbors plus army contingents from Iraq and Saudi Arabia that do not even border Israel, met to devise a strategy how to annihilate the Jewish menace. Proof that as Weizmann had spoken and Alterman had composed into poetry, Israel was not going to be delivered on a “silver platter.”

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