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Bonus Ep 15 - How Many British Legends Do You Know ... Besides The Queen?

Ever found yourself lost in a conversation with British people who are talking about "famous" people that you've never even heard of before? Well, Charlie wanted to help you get to know some of the UK's household names. Join the conversation he has with Pete from Aussie English to see if people from down under have ever heard of these Brits. Useful Links below... 📝 Episode worksheet 📑 Get transcripts and glossaries 🇦🇺 Check out Aussie English by Pete You can also try Pete's 5-Day Next Level English Course📔 10 most useful idioms audiobook & ebook 🎁 Try the sample lesson in The Academy 🎓 Test your English level 🎁 Learn how to paraphrase effectively 📧 Get the newsletter with e-lessons 🎓 The IELTS Speaking Course 🎯 The 7-Day Challenge ✅ The 5-step listening method every polyglot uses 🖥 Go to The British English Podcast Website 👋 Find Charlie on instagram @thebritishenglishpodcast Smells Like HumansLike spending time with funny friends talking about curious human behavior. Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify Learn more about The Academy by visiting or try a FREE sample of The Academy by clicking here.

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