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Bonus Ep 44 - Rat Race to Pura Vida: Brits Embracing Costa Rican Pace

 In this episode, Charlie interviews Tristan, a teacher from 'The BEP Academy', who lived in Costa Rica for several years. Discover why he decided to relocate from London to Costa Rica and then, more recently, to France. You'll also gain insight into Costa Rican culture and the lifestyle Tristan experienced whilst living there. Ever heard of 'Pura Vida'? Tune in to learn all about it.Useful Links are below...📝 Free episode worksheet📑 Transcripts & glossaries🎓 The Academy🎁 Free resources🎓 English courses🖥📧 Newsletter with e-lessons👋 Instagram @thebritishenglishpodcast🤑 Get paid to tell people about this podcastGet the App:📱On iOS / Apple App Store here📱On Android / Google Play Store here Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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