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Bonus Ep 47 - Agent of Two Worlds, The Mysterious Life of a British-American Spy

Join Charlie and Tim Hyland for a dive into life at the intersection of British and American culture. From childhood holidays to dual nationality, they explore humour, identity, and a sprinkle of stereotype busting. Don't miss this unique cultural exploration Useful Links are below...📝 Free episode worksheet📑 Transcripts & glossaries🎶 Listen to Tim's music on Spotify🎓 The Academy🎁 Free resources🎓 English courses🖥📧 Newsletter with e-lessons👋 Instagram @thebritishenglishpodcast🤑 Get paid to tell people about this podcastGet the App:📱On iOS / Apple App Store here📱On Android / Google Play Store here Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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