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Bitesize Ep 57 - The Great Debates: How to debate philosophical topics in English | Ft. Ben Marks

Charlie invites the historian that lives down under back on to discuss various philosophical topics, including freedom, rules, lockdowns, and lying. They explore the idea of dreams feeling real and the ability to differentiate between dreams and reality. Listen in to see how they debate in a friendly way around some of life's big questions. Useful Links below... 📝 Free episode worksheet 📑 Transcripts & glossaries 🎓 The Academy 🎁 Free resources 🎓 English courses 🖥 📧 Newsletter with e-lessons 👋 Instagram @thebritishenglishpodcast 🤑 Get paid to tell people about the podcast Get the App: 📱On iOS / Apple App Store here 📱On Android / Google Play Store here Sign Up to The Academy by clicking

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