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From Adventure of a Lifetime to Dream Business - The Acai Corner

Imagine heading off on a year-long backpacking trip through South America, discovering a nutritious super-food deep in the Amazon jungle and then using this to launch your own wellness business back home upon your return... Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, Maddie and Andrew from The Acai Corner did just that!  After realising their current 9-5's simply weren't serving them, they quit their jobs to take off on their adventure. Little did they know, a humble purple berry which they stumbled upon in Brazil would change the trajectory of their plans and have them opening up their own acai business before long! They share with us how their backpacking trip through South America led to them creating the business of their dreams and how it has one big continual learning curve! So grab yourself a smoothie bowl, sit down and hear how listening to your heart just might be the answer. Check out the show notes from this episode: heartdrivenhustle.com/9 WANT TO START YOUR OWN SIDE HUSTLE? Click here to get your hands on our free Side Hustle Quick Start Guide!

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