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Finding the Market Gap with Heidi from Ulu Hye

In this episode, we're chatting with Heidi, from Ulu Hye. Heidi shares with us, how she and her business partner Vasia, wanted to create a product that was not only better for our health, but also better for the environment. Identifying a gap in the market of what people both wanted and needed, but weren't aware of yet (which is a whole another story in itself!), the team at Ulu Hye created the world's first homemade nut milk base and have prevented more than half a million cartons from entering landfills in the process! Check out the show notes from this episode: heartdrivenhustle.com/16 WANT TO START YOUR OWN SIDE HUSTLE? Click here to get your hands on our free Side Hustle Quick Start Guide!

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