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Healthy Bites: Diets and Deprivation Do Not Work!

Diets and deprivation simply do not work!  Not for your body. Not for your mind.  What happens when you start off following a really strict way of eating? Usually after a week or two... or maybe a month... you have a lapse in willpower, give into your cravings and fall off that dieting wagon.  Abstinence doesn't work and only creates an unhealthy relationship with food. In this episode I give you a little heart to heart to help you to listen to your body, understand your cravings and heal your relationship with food. Check out the show notes from this episode: heartdrivenhustle.com/24 FEELING INSPIRED TO UP-LEVEL YOUR OWN HEALTH? Book in a FREE Discovery Call to become clear on your own goals and vision for the healthiest, happiest version of you!

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