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#108 - Hotline Edition: Maria Goes On a Rant About Women’s Preferences in Height in Men

We’re answering YOUR questions again this week! If you have a question you’d like to personally ask Maria, be sure to follow her on Insta to know when the hotline will open up next! @MatchmakerMaria  This week, we talk about… How do I find confidence in my body and myself when going out on a date? Should I move to a new city to find men that meet my criteria? Maria goes on a rant about women’s preference in height in men. (She is 5’11’’. Do what you will with that information.)  (this episode originally aired on October 06, 2021) Want to join the community? Sign up for an Agape Intensive at Join Maria and the crew in Mexico! Register at  Follow Maria on Instagram to know when the Ask a Matchmaker Hotline will open again for calls!  To learn more about how Maria and her team can help you, visit 

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