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Stress, Strategies, and Summer in Greece

Join Matchmaker Maria in this engaging episode of the “Ask the Matchmaker Hotline,” recorded from the comfort of her home. Maria shares the whirlwind of her current life, from finalizing her book manuscript to preparing for an extended stay in Greece. Alongside special guest and fellow matchmaker, Louie Felix, they dive into the intricacies of dating assessments and the art of matchmaking. Louie, the Chief Operating Officer at Agape Match, brings his extensive experience to the table, discussing the evolution and significance of dating assessment calls. The episode explores the impact of personalized advice on dating success, highlighting heartwarming stories of clients finding love soon after their assessments. The conversation takes a deeper turn as Maria and Louis discuss the latest news from Japan about government-sponsored dating apps, reflecting on cultural differences and the challenges of modern dating. They also address common dating dilemmas, such as setting boundaries and navigating the pressures of societal expectations. Listeners will gain valuable insights into the world of matchmaking, the importance of clear communication in relationships, and practical tips for improving their dating profiles. Whether you’re single and searching or just curious about the matchmaking process, this episode offers a blend of personal anecdotes, professional advice, and thoughtful commentary on the evolving landscape of love and relationships. Tune in for an episode filled with laughter, learning, and a touch of wanderlust as Maria prepares to bring the podcast to Greece, promising exciting future episodes from the picturesque backdrop of her summer retreat. Want to book a sess with Louie? and follow him on IG @louiefelix *******Stay Connected!******** @matchmakermaria (Follow!) @askamatchmaker (Follow the pod!) Make sure to subscribe and sign up for notifications for fantastic dating and relationship advice brought to you by Maria Avgitidis!   🤩 Check out My Websites and Socials! 🙃   💖Podcast Website:   💖Agape Match Website:   💖Matchmaker Maria TikTok: realmatchmakermaria   💖Matchmaker Maria Instagram: matchmakermaria   💖Agape Match Instagram: agapematch   💖Agame Match Facebook: AgapeMatch   💖Agape Match Twitter: AgapeMatch     ABOUT THIS PODCAST 🔗 Ask a Matchmaker is your weekly go-to podcast for all things love and relationships. Hosted by fourth generation matchmaker and founder of Agape Match, Maria Avgitidis, Ask a Matchmaker gives you no-nonsense insight into dating, relationships, compatibility, and love. Maria and her weekly special guest answer questions to help you venture through the jungle that is modern love. Whether you're looking for someone or you're happily taken, Maria will keep you inspired to keep going down the path of love every week, and hopefully, gain a great tip or two to ignite the spark or keep the sparks flying!   #matchmakermaria #askamatchmaker #datingadvice #datingprofilereview #podcast

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