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Patio Season and Finding Emotionally Secure Partners with Lily Womble

In this episode of the “Ask a Matchmaker” podcast, Matchmaker Maria is joined by dating coach and author Lily Womble to celebrate the release of her new book, “Thank You, More Please.” They dive into the core principles of feminist dating, discussing how traditional dating advice often fails women by perpetuating patriarchal norms. Lily shares insights on her 12-Date Rule method, designed to shift focus from physical to emotional compatibility, and offers practical steps for a dating detox to help reset your approach to finding love. They also explore the importance of agency and self-compassion in dating, and discuss strategies for meeting emotionally secure partners. Whether you’re hitting the patios this season or navigating online dating, this episode provides valuable tips to empower your love life. Tune in to learn how to stand in your power and find meaningful connections on your own terms. Lily Womble is the Founder and CEO of DateBrazen, whose mission is to help badass, feminist humans build joyful, fulfilling, and confident-as-hell dating lives that lead to extraordinary love.    In 2015, she moved to NYC to try a new career in musical theatre.During that time she worked various side hustle jobs and on a whim took another as a matchmaker (because if anything it would make for a good story). Turns out she wasvery good at it! During her matchmaking days, she set up 399 dates and became the 3rd most successful matchmaker out of 160 around the country. In setting up all these dates, she realized that dating is a microcosm of our overall wellbeing and working with women on their love lives really fit into her heart’s purpose. LINKS: ( ( ( ( ( *******Stay Connected!******** @matchmakermaria (Follow!) @askamatchmaker (Follow the pod!) Make sure to subscribe and sign up for notifications for fantastic dating and relationship advice brought to you by Maria Avgitidis!   🤩 Check out My Websites and Socials! 🙃   💖Podcast Website:   💖Agape Match Website:   💖Matchmaker Maria TikTok: realmatchmakermaria   💖Matchmaker Maria Instagram: matchmakermaria   💖Agape Match Instagram: agapematch   💖Agame Match Facebook: AgapeMatch   💖Agape Match Twitter: AgapeMatch     ABOUT THIS PODCAST 🔗 Ask a Matchmaker is your weekly go-to podcast for all things love and relationships. Hosted by fourth generation matchmaker and founder of Agape Match, Maria Avgitidis, Ask a Matchmaker gives you no-nonsense insight into dating, relationships, compatibility, and love. Maria and her weekly special guest answer questions to help you venture through the jungle that is modern love. Whether you're looking for someone or you're happily taken, Maria will keep you inspired to keep going down the path of love every week, and hopefully, gain a great tip or two to ignite the spark or keep the sparks flying!   #matchmakermaria #askamatchmaker #datingadvice #datingprofilereview #podcast

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