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Hotline Edition: Can You Be Friends with Someone of the Opposite Sex When You’re in a Relationship with Melanie Cooke

Maria is joined once again by Melanie Cooke to take your questions on the hotline. If you want to ask Maria question on a future episode, follow her on Instagram to know when the hotline will open up again:  Melanie Cooke is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and private practice owner. She works with high performers who are outwardly successful, but struggle with feelings of dissatisfaction, emptiness, and confusion--who feel that something is missing and who want to feel whole, but don't know how to. She helps them better understand their emotions, establish boundaries, balance control with acceptance, and work through conflict in order to have more fulfilling relationships. She practices trauma-informed Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Gestalt therapies, along with body based mindfulness because our emotions, fears, and wounds are as much in our bodies as they are in our minds. So is healing. Learn more about Melanie at *****Let's work together!***** Let’s work together!  Register for our Tulum retreat! (a few spots left!) or join an upcoming virtual  Intensive!   Follow Maria on instagram at 

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