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17 ๐Ÿ‘ Dice & Skiddle: Working at Ticketing Platforms | Guests: Georgia Roberts & Shanna Jade

Our first cross Atlantic chat via Zoom with myย guestsย Georgia Roberts (SKIDDLE, UK)ย & Shanna Jade (DICE, North America)ย sharing their experience in the industry and working at ticketing platforms. WHAT WE TALK ABOUT: โœจ What do you do in your job? โœจ How did you get into the role you are in now? โœจ Day to day tasks in their roles โœจ BBC Bitesize - Georgia talked on a panel, and discuss this โœจ What do you think would be useful skills to have to get into your jobs? โœจ What job sites they recommend people look at โœจ Shout outs to other bodacious babes they admire

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