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26 πŸ‘Artist Development & Creative Marketing | Guest: Mira Silvers

✨ Mira has her own agency and management firm called FORT. ✨ Background and expertise is in live touring, an artist agent and artist manager (a lot of that role is development & marketing) ✨ Currently also helping to produce her artist's music videos ✨ Also co-writes for a comic book series, called [Kissaten](, which her best friend, Gandhi Delsoin created. W E. T A L K. A B O U T. ✨ A supporter of an artist building organic friendships with other artists ✨ Tricky to tell who is genuine in the music industry ✨ Growing up in Saudi Arabia and pirating radio stations from Bahrain to dub music like **Trip-Hop**, **Hip-Hop**, **Jungle**, **Garage** from those radio stations (Bahrain used to bring in British DJs) and listening to electro **Arabic Beats** ✨ Initial dream job was to work at NASA ✨ Being a woman, especially a woman of colour, and having many doors slammed in her face trying to get into the industry Listen back to [Ep 10] for more on Nova Scotia Music Week and the role a **Special Projects & Conference Manager** for the festival with my guest Dana Beeler.

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