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26 ๐Ÿ‘Artist Development & Creative Marketing | Guest: Mira Silvers

โœจ Mira has her own agency and management firm called FORT. โœจ Background and expertise is in live touring, an artist agent and artist manager (a lot of that role is development & marketing) โœจ Currently also helping to produce her artist's music videos โœจ Also co-writes for a comic book series, called [Kissaten](, which her best friend, Gandhi Delsoin created. W E. T A L K. A B O U T. โœจ A supporter of an artist building organic friendships with other artists โœจ Tricky to tell who is genuine in the music industry โœจ Growing up in Saudi Arabia and pirating radio stations from Bahrain to dub music like **Trip-Hop**, **Hip-Hop**, **Jungle**, **Garage** from those radio stations (Bahrain used to bring in British DJs) and listening to electro **Arabic Beats** โœจ Initial dream job was to work at NASA โœจ Being a woman, especially a woman of colour, and having many doors slammed in her face trying to get into the industry Listen back to [Ep 10] for more on Nova Scotia Music Week and the role a **Special Projects & Conference Manager** for the festival with my guest Dana Beeler.

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