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35 🍑 Recording Engineer & Mixer | Guest: Dani Bennett Spragg

Dani works at Toast Studios in London, her work includes ✨ Julien Baker ✨ Malena Zavala ✨ The Amazons ✨ Baxter Dury ✨ Superego ✨ Blanco White ✨ Unloved ✨ Blair Dunlop ✨ Palace ✨ The Rolling Stones ✨ Noel Gallagher ✨ Jarv Is...✨ A bodacious hustler, starting her career as a runner at 17 whilst still at school She has worked in studios including, Assault & Battery, Electric Lady, Room 17, Hoxa, and many more delight. Worked alongside producers including; *Flood*, *Alan Moulder*, *Catherine Marks*, *Craig Silvey*

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