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15 🍑 Songwriting & Meditation | Guests: singer-songwriters Hannah Yadi & Josie Man

Songwriters Hannah Yadi & Josie Man talk about their process. Join us at the start with a Chakra meditation led by Hannah. WHAT WE TALK ABOUT: ✨How did you meet? ✨Case study - the process of how you guys wrote together for Colours + Baby Pink & Blue song ✨What inspires your songwriting and music? ✨Inner Ryhtm in your head ✨How they got into music, what instruments they play/played ✨Storytelling SHOUT OUTS: ❤️ Safiya Knight ❤️ Sarah Kwan - illustrator @sarahkwanartist ❤️ Josh Scarbrow - writer/producer @josh_scarborw ❤️ Sam Tsang ❤️ Rob Milton ❤️ Oscar Scheller ❤️ Jonny Lattimer (songwriter) ❤️ Phoebe Gold (Josie's manager) @phoebefold_ ❤️ Mamie Lowther (Hannah's manager) @mamielow EPISODE GUESTS ✨Hannah Yadi ✨ Hannah and I met via a mutual friend at a women's event and Hannah and Josie met over Instagram A signer and artist but focuses on songwriting now. Songwriting making her happy and where she can help elevate other people ❤️ ✨Josie Man ✨ A singer-songwriter who makes alt-pop, 80s vibes gems Josie not only writes her music but has taken a leap in writing the treatment for music video 'Colours' grew up in Orpington with both British and Chinese root recorder, flute at school. Mainly plays guitar and piano CHAKRA MEDITATION ✨Root Chakra - red ✨Sacral - orange ✨Solar plexus - yellow ✨Heart - green with a flicker of pink ✨Throat - sky, bight blue ✨Third Eye - indigo ✨Crown - violet with some white light

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