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14 🍑 Music distribution unraveled | Guest: Hen (CD Baby) & Sarah (FUGA)

Discussing the difference between the distribution services that are available, negotiating with your distributor and advice to artists and record labels. WHAT WE TALK ABOUT: ✨What their roles and day to day of their hobs are ✨The difference in services between distribution services that are available ✨What do you need from your distributor? Know what you want as that will affect the partnership you negotiate with your distributor ✨Advice to artist and labels about music distribution + advice to get into a similar role ✨Shout outs to other bodacious babes in production they admire As I was visiting from Scotland, today's "dinner" was a rare Scottish delicacy...dark chocolate Tunnocks Tea Cakes.  EPISODE GUESTS: ✨HEN HEIMDAL ✨ Market Development Coordinator UK & EU (CD Baby) ✨ From Norway, lives in London ✨Hen's main job is building brand awareness across these countries for CD Baby ✨Previously worked at WIN for Music (an international trade organisation for Independent Record Labels - like AIM here in the UK. Worked closely with Merlin tobuild new trade associations for Indies around the world. Where she met Sarah! ✨SARAH JOHNSTON ✨ ✨Client Services Account Manager (FUGA) ✨From Scotland, lives in London ✨Her job is to look after clients, that are made up of record labels and distributors, and make sure that her clients can get their content delivered to all the stores like Spotify, etc. Predominantly looks after the UK but also German, Russian, West and East African. ✨Worked at Merlin (a global licensing agency) previously for 5 years. The role was Member Services Manager - where she met Hen. *CD Baby is an online independent distributor originally started in Portland, US **FUGA is a Dutch-based distribution company and supply chain technology company

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