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11 🍑Insight into TV/Online Production Job Roles | Guests: Miranda Swanson & Rhonagh O'Donnell

This week's guests are the lovely Miranda and Rhonagh who I recently had the pleasure of working with. They both met a few years ago whilst working at the BBC and I was thrilled they wanted to come on the podcast and offer insights into the production world!  WE TALK ABOUT: ✨What they do now ✨Where they have worked in the past ✨Advice  ✨Shout outs to other bodacious babes they admire 🍴DINNER: Crisps & dip + Aubergine, feta and pesto filo pie + blondies for dessert purchased from Rise Bakery London 🍑EPISODE GUEST: ✨ Miranda Swanson: Scottish bodacious babe who used to work full time in TV as a freelancer for 4-5 years. Currently, she is studying full-time ceramic design whilst also working freelance in film and music, ranging from TV shows to online content, tours, and festivals. ✨  Rhonagh O'Donnell: Irish bodacious babe who currently is a freelance producer. At the moment she is working half the week freelance at Vevo, and the other half of the week at the Horniman Museum as producer on a project about contemporary South London music. Until recently she worked as a producer and director at the BBC, which included working for BBC Introducing (new artist brand for the BBC), for the BBC Sound Of poll, Glastonbury and so much more! WHERE THEY HAVE WORKED: Rhonagh: ✨ Mirvish Productions in Toronto on Lion King and Mamma Mia stage shows ✨BBC as receptionist in the New Media department ✨Broadcast Assistant in the BBC Interactive TV department ✨Producer and director for music, comedy, and entertainment on BBC TV, red button and online ✨Talent scout for Amused Moose Comedy ✨ Broadcaster on World Service's The Arts Hour and on Radio 4's Saturday Review Miranda: ✨ Stage Runner at Glastonbury, for the Park Stage (role: get set-list, check the spelling of names of who was on stage and pass onto the director) ✨ Researcher (role: find the images, a picture researcher) + Production Runner (go through the script with the producers and order all the props) on QI ✨ Bring the Noise - New Music show for Sky 1 ✨ The Jump for Channel 4  ✨ The Secret Life at a holiday resort as a researcher for Channel 5 ✨ Geordie Shore on MTV ✨ Production Runner on Later... with Jools Holland ✨ Production Runner on Top of the Pops ADVICE: ✨ It is a lot about who you know, why not offer to meet them for a coffee when you send your CV ✨ Live as varied a life as possible, as the more you have that you can draw upon from your life, the more creative you can be as a producer and director ✨ Do not miss out interesting things about you on your CV - aka I surf ✨ Watch a variety of shows on TV etc., do your research ✨ Physically do as much as you can in your role! SHOUT OUTS: ❤️ Alison Howe - Executive Producer of Later... With Jools Holland ❤️ Stephania Minici - Head of Production at BBC Music TV ❤️ Suzy Klein - Radio and TV Presenter ❤️ Dion Peters - Manager and mother of Novelist and Prem (and has two other kids) ❤️ Keturah Cummings - DJ, footballer and runs a company called Forward Slash ❤️ Serena Cross - Independent TV, film and events producer. Created The Lost Words Prom about climate change for BBC Proms. ❤️ Mish Mayer - Many years of TV production experience and currently Executive Producer, EU at Vevo ❤️ Miranda's grandmother/ Oma ❤️ Sarah Chaloner - production manager at QI PRODUCTION LINGO: ✨ VT: short film ✨ Producer Role: organising, coming up with a creative idea ✨ Director Role: thinking more about how it is going to look

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