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5 🍑 Digital Marketing Role at a Music Record Label | Guests: Anya Du Sauzay & Lauren Fitzgerald

Lauren is Senior Digital Marketing Manager at RCA (Sony) and Anya is Head of Audience Engagement (Parlaphone Music) at Warner Music Group - when we recorded this she was Head of Digital Marketing at Syco (Sony). We talk about digital marketing at a major record label, what the role involves and discuss their career paths to where they are now. WE TALK ABOUT: ✨ What Digital Marketing is + Anya and Lauren's roles at their labels now ✨ Their path to now which includes us chatting about The O.C and Dawsons Creek soundtracks! ✨ Advice to get into Digital Marketing and various job roles ✨ Shout outs to bodacious babes we admire! This week's podcast is dedicated to Phoebe Waller-Bridges : Photo above of her looking like a 1920's movie star at Emmy's after-party - surrounded by her Emmy's on a balcony, smoking a f*g and drinking a margarita BODACIOUS icon GUESTS:  ✨ Anya Du Sauzay Head of Digital Marketing at Syco which is part of Sony Music Entertainment. She has been at Syco for 6 years and previous to that a Senior Account Exec for in PR for Ogilvy Group.  ✨Lauren Fitzgerald  Works in digital marketing and is currently Senior Digital Marketing Manager at RCA, Sony. Previously, freelance prior to that Digital Marketing Executive at Glassnote, Consumer Marketing at Twitter, Digital Channel Manager at Columbia. She's worked as a digital marketing and social media manager for over 5 years in the music and tech industries working with artists and brands to build online marketing and streaming strategies, create industry-leading content, and develop audiences. DINNER: Yogurt marinated chicken, then breaded in lemon rind, parmesan and desiccated coconut and Japanese bread crumbs with homemade pesto, pasta + wine!  DIGITAL MARKETING JOB ROLES: ✨ Head of Role - their role is to think of strategy, partnership. What will move the dial? + day to day management ✨ Audience Development Manager - used to be called Channel Managers ✨ Audience Development  - (used to be called Channel Management - managing channels, having logins, updating photos, website maintenance, metadata relevant). Now role focuses less on what looks like - now more strategic in terms of building an audience ✨ Digital Marketing management - Lauren's job now. Works closely with the Audience Dev team. The role now: what is the campaign? what is the overall tone? what are the right channels to do this on (aka focus on YT)? Plus, look after paid advertisements. ADVICE: ✨ Recognise the skills you already have in your day to day aka if you use Snapchat, if you have your own YT channel - you know how these platforms work - that is a skill. Have you ever done HTML? Do you run a blog? Have you ever shot a video for anyone? Start writing that list to help you figure out what job you want to apply for. ✨ The new generation is more digital-savvy than a-lot of people in the industry now! So recognise if you are and get reach out to labels! SHOUT OUTS: ❤️ Ally Watson - CEO Code Like A Girl ❤️ Phoebe Waller Bridge + her sister Isobel Waller-Bridger who is a composer, artist, musician and did the soundtrack for Fleabag ❤️ Jason Reed, who I met at Domino Records Co. when we both worked there, he now works at FUGA  ❤️ Alexandra Patsavas is an American music supervisor who has worked on over sixty films and television series, most notably The Twilight Saga, The O.C., Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl.  ❤️ Code First Girls FUN NOTES: ✨ 2018 streaming became chart legible ✨ 2014 streaming became chart legible ✨ The OC soundtrack ✨  Sergey Brin - one of the Google Funders, funded a science project funding science project to create humane meat - how can you create meat without the animal? MUSIC WE MENTION THIS WEEK: ✨ Modest Mouse ✨ Phantom Planet ✨ The Killers ✨ Little Mix ✨ Imogen Heap ✨ George Ezra

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