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4 🍑 Project Management Role at a Music Record Label | Guests: Ami & Joanie from Mexican Summer

I'm joined by my lovely pal Joanie Eaton and her partner in all things Mexican Summer and fun, Ami Phipps - legend! Both are Project Managers at Independent Record Label Mexican Summer. Main advice take away, "Don't be a dick" DINNER: Corn tortilla, lime black bean mix (onions, peppers, cumin, paprika, cinnamon, chipotle chilies), guacamole, homemade salsa, yogurt + BEER!   GUESTS:  ✨ Ami Phipps Project Manager at Mexican Summer alongside Joanie. Ami grew up in Bristol, loved going to record stores where she learnt everything she could about music by listening, reading CDs/LPs back to front. ✨Joanie Eaton Also a Project Manager at Mexican Summer. We met at Domino and have been pals since! She's from Tunbridge Wells and talks about the record shop in her town which used to be a hairdresser and bought come of her first records; My Chemical Romance and The Clash. The Forum in Tunbridge Wells - where you found music but can be intimidating for girls! WE TALK ABOUT: ✨ Focusing on talking about Project Management ✨ What do we do right now ✨ Path To Now ✨ Advice to get into PM at a label ✨ Shout outs to other bodacious babes loving right now PM TOOLS: ✨ Basecamp - project management tool ✨ Ami, is all about getting on the phone ✨ Trello ✨ Notion ✨ Evernote FUN NOTES: ✨ Sarah Silverman - American comedian. She has a book called 'The Bed Wetter' ✨ Jane Lynch autobiography - she was in Glee ✨Ami had tea bags made for Weyes Blood record ✨ PM Lingo: UK vocabulary 'Wheat Pasting' vs US 'Sniping' = putting posters up outdoors. Not to do with Wesley Snipes MUSIC WE MENTION THIS WEEK ✨Weyes Blood ✨ Cate Le Bon ✨The Clash ADVICE: ✨ Ask everyone everything - the older person has the knowledge and wisdom ✨ New person, help them out! ✨ Give people credit! ✨ Just don't be a dick! SHOUT OUTS: ✨ Natasha Youngs, she co-owns Resident in Brighton, runs with her partner Derry. Natasha (helps run DINKED which is coop of indie record shops across the UK. They do exclusive presses for Records - a platform to support the music they love, big or small. She also works with AIM (Association for Independent Music) ✨ Noreen McShane at Stranger than Paradise ✨ Partisan Records - an amazing label! Fontaines and IDELS nominated for Mercury 2019. Shout out to Ellie Rumbold who is a Project Manager there. ✨ Amelie Bonvalot, worked at Kobalt/AWAL, now at Domino ✨ Matt Hendon ✨ Sarah Joy (again! BODACIOUS) - Joanie stared Babelogue with her to manage bands. She runs ATC booking agency. She is an agent for Squid ✨ Risca Pardini - Italian lady, she is a graphic designer

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