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3 🍑 Radio: Present / Produce / Report | Guest: Emma (Partisan Records) & Shiona (BBC)

We talk about their various jobs at the BBC, Beats, and Amazing Radio. Both my guests have or are radio presenters and producers. Emma is currently a Project Manager at Partisan Records, previous roles include radio presenting and production. Shiona is a reporter and presenter for BBC Radio. GUESTS:  ✨ Emma Snook  Who I met when she hosted a show on Amazing Radio (all new music show) and currently works at Partisan Records as a product manager. She has been there for over a year now, and before that worked at Beats 1 which is a radio station owned and operated by Apple for 2 years before. Emma also manages a band called Breathe Panel. ✨ Shiona McCallum  Has worked in radio for over 8 years. Currently, a reporter for Newsbeat BBC Radio 1 & 1 Xtra reporter, has done a couple of shows for Radio 2 called New Country from Nashville all about new country music and also a columnist for Maverick Magazine interviewing and reviewing country music. Podcast loose agenda:  ✨ Path to now   ✨ Day to day of being a radio host and producer + what radio reporter job entails  ✨ Advice to get into artist management  ✨ End with shout outs other bodacious babes we are loving right now / people doing amazing things we want to share! DINNER: Coconut breaded chicken fajitas with peeled cucumber, and salsa (tomato, olive, sweetcorn, chili, pepper, lime) in corn wrap + millionaire shortbread. SHOUT OUTS: ✨ Katie Adie - journalist ✨ Katie Jackson - a producer on Beats and host radio show on Soho Radio ✨ Dolly Parton  ✨ Annie Nightingale - first female national DJ ✨ Nick Grimshaw  PLACES THEY WORKED: ✨ Amazing Radio ✨ Beats 1 ✨ Bauer radio ✨ Virgin Radio  ✨ BBC Radio 1 ✨ BBC 1xtra MUSIC WE MENTION THIS WEEK: ⭐️ IDELS ⭐️ Carrie Underwood ⭐️ The Mavericks  ⭐️ Lyle Lovett ⭐️ Maren Morris Full podcast playlis heret:

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