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Pilot πŸ‘ Our Experiences Working at a Record Label | Guest: Aoife Kitt & Libby Nicol

Bodacious Babes and good friends of mine Aoife Kitt (Senior PR at Domino Record Co.) and Libby Nicol (previously worked at Domino Record Co. and now works at Brook a sexual health charity) join me for the pilot episode where we all talk about our experiences working at Record Labels. Podcast 🎀 loose agenda: * Intros - we all used to work at music record label based in London, Domino Record Co, Aoife still works there! * Path to now - interning, freelancing, redundancies * Advice to get into working at a Record Label * End with shout outs other bodacious babes we are loving right now / people doing amazing things we want to share! GUESTS: * Aoife Kitt, currently Senior PR at Domino Record Co. * Libby Nicol, who worked at Domino Record Co. in the international team in marketing and now works at Brook a sexual health charity. DINNER: pesto pasta with prawn, tomato, courgette + butternut squash salad + chocolate FUN NOTES: * Lizzo top 10 flute videos: SHOUT OUTS: * Gabby Edlin (Bloody Good Period) * Katy Bowman * Proper Gender neutral toilets * Lizzo (song were she mentions bagpipes) - body positivity, so herself and wonderful * Jamila Jamille * Little Simz * Ferly (and app to feeling confident, healthy and sexually empowered) *Africa Brooke - Mindset coach + speaker * Geek Girl Meetup - a community who are trying to get more women into tech and provide really great female role models * Red Box Project SPOTIFY PLAYLIST OF MUSIC IN PODCAST:

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