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Spring 2024 Book Buzz Editor Preview | New YA Nonfiction from Twenty-First Century Books and Zest

Join us to learn about our forthcoming young adult nonfiction titles from Lerner Publishing Group! Technology through the Ages Ancient societies developed incredible inventions and complex techniques that continue to surprise scientists and historians today. Discover how ancient innovations laid the groundwork for modern technology in this fascinating and thoroughly researched series. Pigeons at War  Pigeons were crucial to communications between Allied troops in both world wars. When phone, radio, and telegraph lines were cut or officers needed to send top secret messages, pigeons delivered information from the front. Discover how pigeons accomplished these daring flights. Wildfire  Environmental scientist Ferin Davis Anderson and author Stephanie Sammartino McPherson examine how Indigenous people, farmers, and forestry departments have used fire to manage resources and how climate change is impacting the future of fire. Votes of Confidence, 3rd Edition  In this newly updated 3rd edition, author Jeff Fleischer explains how the US election process has evolved throughout history and into the present, why understanding it matters, and how young adult citizens can get involved. The Gender Binary Is a Big Lie  Author Lee Wind takes readers on a journey to examine gender identity and representation throughout history—from ancient third-gender burial sites to people identifying as gender fluid today. Learn how cultures past and present debunk the idea of a gender binary. Music credits:  "Farm" Kevin MacLeod (   Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 

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