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Spring 2024 Book Buzz Editor's Picks | New Jewish Children's Books from Kar-Ben

Join us to learn about our forthcoming children's books from Kar-Ben! Happy Purim, Grover! It's Purim! Join Grover as he bakes hamantaschen, dresses up in his Purim costumes, listens to the story of Queen Esther and makes noise with his grogger when Haman's name is said. Afikotective During the bear family's Passover seder, Grandma breaks the middle matzah and hides the afikomen. It's a good thing one little bear has turned his toy elephant into an Afiko-Sniffer. Can it help find the afikomen? Tyrannosaurus Tsuris The dinosaurs are getting ready for Passover, but no one will come to Tyrannosaurus Rex's seder because they think their host will eat them. This gives him terrible tsuris until the dinosaurs come up with an idea. Sophie's Monster Goes to Shul There's an imaginary monster in Sophie's closet, and he follows her everywhere, even to shul. When she uses her imagination to write a story about him, everyone can see him and he isn't scary anymore. Jewish Mindfulness for Kids "The exercises in this unique book encourage children to use everyday items to inspire mindfulness. Mindfulness, the Jewish value of Yishuv Hada'at, means paying attention to what is happening around us.  Page Plus QR codes link to Jewish mindfulness exercises for kids." Everybody's Book The true story of the famous Sarajevo Haggadah begins long ago in Spain. Used for centuries and declared a treasure, people of many faiths have protected the haggadah up to this day. A Feather, a Pebble, a Shell When the Israeli author-illustrator runs in a field or swims in the sea, she looks for something to hold in her hand: a pebble or a feather. She leaves them in their habitats . . . for the reader to find. All Aboard for Noah's Ark! Noah is building an ark and Lionel and Dolores, a pair of hedgehogs, are there to make sure the plan goes off without a hitch. Luckily for Noah, the two hedgehogs have thought of everything. The Apple Argument In the Garden of Eden, God buried the vegetables and put the fruits where they could be seen. Wanting easy picking, the caretakers of the Garden listen to the snake, pick the apples, and suffer the consequences. This Is Not a Cholent Amira loves her Nana's Iraqi cholent and it's time for the "Best Cholent Competition Down Under." "This is not a cholent," say the other participants. But everyone agrees the stew is the best cholent ever. Things That Shimmer Melanie desperately wants to be accepted by the Shimmers, the popular kids in her class—until she gets to know the new girl in town. Soon she must choose between popularity and true friendship. Music credits:  "Farm" Kevin MacLeod (   Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 

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