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Spring 2024 Book Buzz Editor's Preview | Picture Books from Carolrhoda Books and Millbrook Press

Join us to learn about our forthcoming picture books from Lerner Publishing Group! Best Believe  Rhythmic verse presents three sisters who moved from Puerto Rico to New York City as children and grew up to be pioneering activists in their Bronx community, focusing on schools, libraries, and the arts. The Rock in My Throat  In this moving true story, Kao Kalia Yang shares her experiences as a Hmong refugee child navigating life at home and school in America while carrying the weight of her selective mutism. Touch the Sky  Both heartfelt and hilarious, this picture book captures the unforgettable moment when a child learns how to pump on a swing. It's a story for every kid on the cusp of learning something new. Dino Board Books There's tons of dino-fun for everyone in this high-energy board book series. Dinosaurs face off on the field, battle on the court, and rally in the rink, then gather together to celebrate their favorite holidays! Dino-Earth Day What do dinosaurs do on Earth Day? They care for the planet! They ride bikes and scooters, clean up a park, plant an urban garden, visit a recycling center, and more. Haiku, Ew! These gross and engrossing haiku highlight thirteen animals (and a few fungi) and the exceptionally icky things they do! Accompanied by bonus facts that will delight—and disgust—readers of all ages. If I Were a Fungus If you were a fungus, what would you do? Would you live in the mountains or the city? Or on some cheese? Discover more in this colorful introduction to these surprisingly fascinating life-forms! Mami King The true story of an intrepid young man, Ma Mon Luk, who leaves China for the Philippines, desperate to earn a living—and the approval of the parents of the woman he loves. Eating My Words A playful and punny illustrated poetry collection from Brian Cleary that's perfect for middle grade readers. Includes quick tips about poetic forms and poetic devices that teachers can use in poetry lessons. The Lost Forest Take a deep dive with scientists exploring a sunken cypress forest that had been undisturbed in the Gulf of Mexico for fifty thousand years. Page Plus links lead to videos of the scientists at work. Nature Spy Guide  What can you find in nature? Use all five senses to explore the outdoors. This book is full of tips and activities to encourage close observation and foster connection with nature! The Great Wolf Rescue  Red wolves had been hunted until only fourteen survived in the wild. So scientists hatched a daring plan—capture all of the wild red wolves and breed them in captivity. Discover the story of their recovery. The Monarchs Are Missing  Why are monarch butterflies disappearing? Scientists are racing to find answers. Go on a quest to discover what cou

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