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Spring 2024 Book Buzz Editor Preview | New Educational Books from Lerner Publishing Group

Join us to learn about our forthcoming educational books from Lerner Publishing Group!  Math All Around  Math is everywhere in this paired fiction/nonfiction set designed to support young readers as they learn beginning math concepts. Read for a Better World™ Read about Citizenship  This series combines engaging examples and SEL connections to help students understand what citizenship means and how it fits into the world around them. Read about Weather  Let beginning readers learn more about the different types of weather that they observe each day.  Sesame Street® Habitats  Meet the animals, learn about the plants, and discover key characteristics of each habitat in this accessible series for young learners.  Grow Your Colors  Join Tamir, Abby, and the Sesame Street friends as they introduce young learners to the basics of planting a garden and eating healthy. Guías de personajes de Sesame Street® en español  (Sesame Street® Character Guides)  Elmo, Abby, Big Bird, and their Sesame Street friends join this positive introduction to character traits and social-emotional wellness. Formas de iniciar amistades en cinco minutos  (Five-Minute Friendship Starters)  Young readers learn fun ways to approach, get to know, and have fun with a new friend—in just five minutes!  Monstruo tranquilo, monstruo amable  (Calm Monsters, Kind Monsters)  Sesame Street characters present big emotions alongside simple solutions like belly breathing to help kids cope with what they're feeling.  Casting Shadows  The year 2024 is set to have multiple solar and lunar eclipses. With engaging diagrams and photos, readers will learn all about eclipses in an approachable way.  Early Bird Stories™ Early Bird Readers — Blue  These fun stories combine age-appropriate text and kid-friendly illustrations perfect for reading levels E-G. Early Bird Readers — Orange  Engaging, leveled text at guided reading levels H-J help build literacy skills.  Lightning Bolt Books®  Nature's Most Massive Animals  Introduce young readers to the lives of nature's most massive animals, including their life cycle, what they eat, and how they behave. Under the Hood  Readers get an inside look at vehicles that drive, fly, and run on electricity to learn what makes them go. Lightning Bolt Books® en español  Explorador planetario (Planet Explorer)  From Jupiter's moons to Neptune's winds, these books reveal key planetary information and the technology scientists use to study them. Hair Magic (Read Woke™ Chapter Books)  Shimmer, sparkle, twirl . . . Imani's hair magically changes when she embraces her inner powers, such as bravery, compassion, creativity, and more.  Lerner™ Sports  All-Access Gymnastics  This engaging series gives readers an inside look at gymnastics, including its history and the top gymnasts of the past and present. All-Star Smackdown  Read about the world's greatest athletes and compare their careers in a fun and exciting head-to-head format. Explore their stats and greatest moments, and then choose a winner.  Greatest of All Time Players  Read about the world's greatest athletes who play some of the most important positions in sports. The amazing stats, thrilling moments, and record-breaking performances packed into each book will fascinate sports fans. Sports VIPs  Explore the lives of the world's best and hottest sports superstars. From childhood to the present, find out how they rule their sports, prepare for big events, and help their communities. Searchlight Books™  High-Tech Science  Explore evolving topics in scientific research, including cryobiology, drones

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