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Hidden History: Pulling Back the Curtain on Marginalized Groups of the Past and Present | A Webinar Rebroadcast

Are you looking for books that cover topics that have historically been hidden, covered up, or outright denied? Join creators Lee Wind, Paula Yoo, Don Tate, Natasha Donovan and Annette Bay Pimentel as they discuss recent publications covering LGBTQ history, violence against Asian Americans, how Black History Month came to be, lesser-known African American and Native American heroes, and disability rights activists. From picture books to young adult titles, more and more books are pulling back the curtain and bringing these stories to light.    This powerhouse panel covers:  1. How to find hidden history to present to young readers  2. How to help readers understand that history is broader than what textbooks and popular media portray  3. Great examples of books for kids that bring hidden history to life, including a crowd-source booklist from our esteemed panelists and webinar attendees  4. How to evaluate your collection to make sure you have these books available You can access the resources referenced in the webinar at our website. 

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